Class of 2024 Study Group Topics


This study group’s comprehensive focus encourages the exploration of the potential transformation of Clarksville into a Smart City, considering various factors and involving key stakeholders in the planning and implementation process. How green are smart cities, and how smart are green cities? Finding the right balance could be the key to city growth in a sustainable way that benefits residents. The success may lie in the leaders & residents’ involvement level with the available technologies and the way ahead.

Challenge: Assess Clarksville’s readiness to transition into a Smart City by examining key facets including the potential for white-collar job growth, the necessity of embracing Smart City technology, and the benefits it offers residents.


  • White Collar Job Assessment: Investigate the current landscape of white-collar job opportunities in Clarksville, identify areas for growth, and explore how Smart City initiatives could facilitate job creation in the knowledge-based economy.
  • Pros, Cons, Obstacles, and Barriers: Conduct a comprehensive analysis of the pros and cons of Smart City initiatives, including potential obstacles and barriers unique to Clarksville.
  • Identify ways to mitigate challenges.
  • Projected Timeline: Create a purposed timeline that outlines: phased implementation of Smart City initiatives, and specifying milestones needed for completion.
  • Strive to preserve and extend greenways while embracing the transition to a smart city with technological advancements.
  • Community Partnerships and Stakeholders: Identify and engage key community leaders, organizations, and partners who should be involved in the Smart City transformation. Establish collaborative frameworks for inclusive decision-making and resource sharing.


This study group will conduct a thorough demographic exploration of Clarksville’s international community. Identifying an accurate count of international residents, mapping their diverse countries of origin, and recognizing the invaluable contributions they bring to the city. This endeavor seeks to unveil the intricate tapestry of cultural diversity within Clarksville, shedding light on the unique and enriching perspectives that international leaders and residents bring to our community.

Challenge: Explore the dynamics of Clarksville’s international community by identifying the number of international residents, their native countries, and the rich tapestry of their contributions to the city.


  • Demographic Exploration: Conduct a comprehensive survey or analysis to determine the exact number of international residents in Clarksville, categorizing them by their native countries and demographic details.
  • Contributions Inventory: Create a detailed inventory of the economic, cultural, and social contributions made by the international community to Clarksville. This should encompass aspects such as businesses, art, cuisine, education, and community engagement.
  • Language and Education Support: Investigate the educational needs of the international community, including language support and access to educational resources. Propose initiatives to address these needs and promote integration.
  • Leadership Clarksville Integration: Outline strategies to actively involve members of the international community in Leadership Clarksville programs, ensuring their representation and participation in leadership development opportunities.
  • Community Appreciation: Develop a proposed plan to celebrate and acknowledge the international community’s contributions to Clarksville through public events, festivals, and recognition programs.


This study group’s focus is to enhance brand awareness and ensure the financial viability of Leadership Clarksville. This involves assessing the current level of brand recognition in the community and proposing strategies to bolster its presence. The overarching goal is to develop a comprehensive brand awareness strategy that encompasses marketing and outreach efforts. This strategy should not only elevate the organization’s visibility but also explore innovative revenue streams to secure its long-term financial sustainability.

Challenge: Enhancing Brand Awareness and Financial Viability


  • Assess the current brand awareness of Leadership Clarksville and propose strategies to strengthen its presence in the community.
  • Examine ways to reconnect Leadership Clarksville with its alumni and develop initiatives to secure participation, involvement and ongoing financial support.
  • Develop a comprehensive brand awareness strategy, including marketing and outreach efforts.
  • Provide recommendations for ensuring the financial viability of Leadership Clarksville, exploring new revenue streams and partnerships.
  • Explore methods to generate interest from the local community and establish connections with local industry leaders.
  • Formulate a community engagement plan that includes workshops, community projects, and events aimed to increase visibility within the community.