We seek applications of qualified candidates for Leadership Clarksville by self-nomination and Alumni nomination alike

If candidates have a conflict with the Opening Retreat date, we ask that they not apply this year since attendance at the Opening Retreat is mandatory.  The orientation retreat will be held September 15-16, 2022.

Candidates will be asked to apply online the Leadership Clarksville website to be completed and submitted no later than May 31, 2022 for adults and May 15, 2022 for Youth. The Application Form serves as the sole source of information used by the Selection Committee; therefore, it is necessary that the application is fully completed.

If you wish to nominate a candidate, this does not guarantee admission into the class. Application to Leadership Clarksville is often a multi-year process since many exceptionally qualified people apply each year. The Selection Committee has the difficult task of choosing an appropriate cross section of established and future leaders each year, seeking a balanced and diverse class. Re-application is easy and an excellent way to strengthen a candidate’s consideration each year.

A large database is maintained and nominations may be made throughout the year. The deadline for the Class of 2023 is May 31, 2022 for adults and May 15, 2022 for Youth.

You may also contact Leadership Clarksville at (931) 645-3322 for a nomination form, application and more information.

Applications for Leadership Clarksville’s Class of 2023 must be completed and returned by May 31, 2022. Youth Leadership Clarksville Class of 2023 applications are due by May 15, 2022.  Selections will be made after this date.

To submit your application, simply apply here:

Click HERE to Apply for the Class of 2023 (Adult)

Click HERE to Apply for Youth Leadership Clarksville Class of 2023 (Youth)

Each year the class year begins in early September with the new class reception, followed by the Opening Retreat and concludes the following year mid-May. In between, the class meets the first Thursdays for Youth and the second Thursdays (generally) for adults of October through May. Participants also work in a Study Group outside of class time and will have homework opportunities throughout the year.

Tuition is $1250 for adult and $125 for Youth.  This includes attendance during overnight retreat with all expenses (transportation, meals, and single occupancy high-end lodging) included for adults.  Lunch is also provided each program day with most days including light breakfast.  Most programs also included sponsored receptions at the end of the day hosted by Leadership Clarksville alumni.  Scholarships are sometimes available with demonstrated need.

For more information call Leadership Clarksville (931) 645-3322