We seek applications of qualified candidates for Leadership Clarksville from alumni and non-alumni alike

Each person will receive correspondence from Leadership Clarksville in April, with a schedule of program dates so that the candidate may decide if this is a good year to apply. If candidates have a conflict with the Opening Retreat date, we ask that they not apply this year since attendance at Opening Retreat is mandatory.  The orientation retreat will be held on September 12/13th, 2019.

Candidates will be asked to download the application form from the Leadership Clarksville website to be completed and returned by May 14, 2019. The Application Form serves as the sole source of information used by the Selection Committee; therefore, it is necessary that the application be fully completed.

Nominating a candidate does not guarantee admission into the class. Application to Leadership Clarksville is often a multi-year process since many exceptionally qualified people apply each year. The Selection Committee has the difficult task of choosing an appropriate cross section of established and future leaders each year, seeking a balanced and diverse class. Re-application is easy and an excellent way to strengthen a candidate’s consideration each year.

Please submit as many nominations as you wish. A large database is maintained and nominations may be made throughout the year. The deadline for the Class of 2020 is May 14, 2019.

You may also contact Leadership Clarksville at (931) 645-3322 for a nomination form and information.

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Applications for Leadership Clarksville’s Class of 2020 must be completed and returned by May 14, 2019. Selections will be made in June.

To submit your application, mail it to:

Leadership Clarksville
P.O. Box 883
Clarksville, TN 37041

Each year the class year begins in mid-September, followed by the Opening Retreat and concludes the year mid May. In between, the class meets the second Thursdays of October through May. Participants also work in a Study Group outside of class time and will have homework opportunities throughout the year.

Tuition is $800. Scholarships are also available when needed.

See the Application Form and Current Class section on this website for more information or call Leadership Clarksville (931) 645-3322.

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