About us

Leadership Clarksville was born in 1987, after two years of close study by two leaders in the Clarksville community, Dee Bryant Boaz, Editor of The Leaf Chronicle, and Jim Mann, President of First Federal Savings Bank.

At the same time, Jack B. Turner, president of Jack B. Turner & Associates, was identified as the founding president. Jack, Jim, and Dee did not do it alone, however. Ross Hicks, attorney, and Wendell Gilbert, retired brigadier general, were instrumental in developing the concept and helping with its initial execution. Following Leadership Nashville’s model, a full-time executive director was hired. Local resident, Carole R. Dorris, was hired and has remained in the position throughout its history.

Leadership Clarksville is a volunteer-driven organization that is lead by the executive director. The program is governed by a Board of Trustees and an Executive Committee.

Leadership Clarksville is an independent, non-profit organization and not an extension of the Chamber of Commerce, even though the office is located within the Chamber’s walls. Despite its independent structure, it recognized that from the beginning and even more today, the support from the city, county and chamber has contributed significantly to its continuing success.

Funded by private support and donations, Leadership Clarksville’s alumni have secured individual and corporate sponsorships to complement the program budget. These donations, in addition to program tuition, help cover the cost of meals, meeting space, entertainment and transportation.